Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing sequence of specific asanas (poses) coordinated with the movements of the breath.  Vinyasa classes will challenge your aerobic endurance, enhance flexibility, and build overall strength.  You will create internal body heat and most likely sweat, so please bring a towel.

Vinyasa classes include Sun Salutations, standing, balancing, seated and supine poses.  Some classes may also include inversions such as handstand and shoulder stand although alternative poses will be suggested for those who do not wish to practice inversions.

Intermediate and advanced poses are taught, but modifications will always be offered to ensure students can work at their own pace and not feel obliged to try poses they are not ready for.

This is a slower paced Vinyasa flow class.  Detailed verbal instructions are provided to allow students to understand the alignment of each pose and to build strength and flexibility at their own pace.  Poses are synchronized with the breath to create a flowing sequence.  The sequences will include standing, seated, standing balancing, and supine poses.  Our teachers are mindful, and will offer modifications for those that are new to yoga or who have physical limitations.  Please let your teacher know before class if you have an injuries or are new to vinyasa style yoga.

Gentle Vinyasa is suitable for all levels of student.

Restorative Yoga is the Yoga on “non-doing” focusing on relaxation, renewal, effortlessness and ease. Blankets, bolsters, straps, and other props safely support the body in various poses which allows the body to move towards a state of balance. This practice soothes your nervous system, helps you still your mind and invites you to release deeply held tensions.  Poses are typically sustained for five-ten minutes or for as long as you are comfortable.

Restorative Yoga balances the nervous system, boosts the immune system, stills the mind, and improves the capacity for healing and balancing.  So whether you are recovering from illness or injury, want to balance a fast paced, stressful life, or find openings in your body to assist in your Vinyasa practice, Restorative Yoga can help.

Mat Pilates incorporates a flowing sequence of moves aimed at strengthening the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back to improve balance, core strength, and flexibility, and to correct idiosyncrasies that go on in your body.

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s to help bedridden patients in World War I to maintain body strength, Pilates has become one of the “go to” exercise regimes to help students rehabilitate from injury by creating long, lean bodies without adding bulk.

The class incorporates apparatus such as balls and bands to make classes challenging and varied, providing great toning benefits. Mat Pilates is great for beginners as well as for stronger students as everyone works at their own pace, respecting their own unique body.

Ready to have fun and defy gravity?  Then you are ready to try Aerial Yoga.  Using a suspended hammock as your support system, you will move through unique combinations of yoga poses designed to release tensions, decompress the spine, and align the body.

You will notice an immediate difference in your poses when you come back to your mat.

Some of the benefits of Aerial Yoga are:

  • Refreshes circulatory and lymphatic systems,
  • Increases joint mobility and neuromuscular plasticity
  • Helps to decompress the spine through gentle traction
  • Hydrates vertebral discs
  • Increases muscular flexibility and strength
  • It’s FUN!

Aerial Yoga is available as private sessions only for 1 or 2 people.

Yin Yoga is a deep, slow paced practice.  Poses are held for longer to stimulate and tone the joints and deep connective tissues by increasing the supply of fluids to them.  Yin Yoga also helps us to channel our prana (life force) to remove energy blocks along meridian lines.

Who should take this class?  Everyone looking to find release and space in their body, balance their energy, and those seeking to deepen their Vinyasa practice.

Achieve slimmer, longer, stronger muscles without building bulk and have fun at the same time by joining one of our Group Reformer classes.

Each class is restricted to 3 students to ensure the instructor can monitor each student for safe and proper form.  You will work through a sequence of Reformer exercises appropriate for the level of the group. 

Appointments are required for Group Reformer classes.