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    Increase flexibility and muscular strength as you find your inner Dracular

Aerial Yoga uses a suspended hammock to support your body as you perform a sequence of yoga poses and exercises.  These sequences of movement are designed to decompress your spine, align your body, and build strength and flexibility.

Using the hammock as your support system, you can hold poses longer, and to try poses that may not be accessible to you on the ground, such as inversions  and backbends.

Aerial Yoga can be used to deepen your practise, as a Restorative practise for gentle, supported stretching, and to safely decompress the spine using zero compression inversions.

Aerial Yoga Benefits:

  • Refreshes circulatory and lymphatic systems,
  • Increases joint mobility and neuromuscular plasticity
  • Helps to decompress the spine through gentle traction
  • Hydrates vertebral discs
  • Increases muscular flexibility and strength
  • Provides low impact cardiovascular conditioning
  • Builds core strength
  • It’s FUN!

Aerial Yoga is available as private sessions only for 1 or 2 people.  Call or click to schedule your sessions.

Check out a few of our favorite Aerial Yoga videos.