Go with the Flow Yoga Studio

Following my dream, I opened Go with the Flow Yoga back in 2004, offering Yoga and Pilates classes to meet the needs of our local desert community.

Classes soon became packed with both local students and visitors and we soon outgrew our little studio.

We relocated to our current, larger home on Painters Path, Palm Desert that is home to our  larger Yoga studio and new, fully equipped Pilates studio. We have  become the “go to” place in the Desert for outstanding Pilates and Yoga classes, and the most recommended Pilates studio for rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries.

Yoga and Pilates Classes

One of the underlying principles of Yoga is that it should be appropriate for everybody so our schedule includes classes for every level of student regardless of age or physical ability.  So whether you want to relax and stretch, flow slowly and steadily, or enjoy a faster paced more athletic practice, we offer classes to meet your needs.

My teachers are experienced, industry certified, caring individuals, each bringing their own unique qualities to class.  Each one is dedicated to ensuring your Yoga and Pilates experience at Go with the Flow Yoga is rewarding so that you will make us your Yoga home.

Aerial Yoga

Staying abreast of Yoga and Pilates trends, we are the first studio in Palm Desert to offer Aerial Yoga.  Using a suspended hammock that acts as your support system you work through unique combinations of poses designed to decompress the spine, align the body, and stretch and strengthen your muscles.  Aerial Yoga is taught as private sessions for 1 or 2 people.  Sessions are tailored to meet your requirements and can include therapeutic stretching, restorative movements, supported inversions, and more strength based poses.  The teacher spots you during every maneuver  in and out of the poses to ensure you are comfortable and safe.


It is an honour to serve my community by offering Yoga and Pilates services to transform the mind, body, and spirit and am grateful to everyone that supports the studio.




We offer Vinyasa style Yoga that connects movement and breath into a flowing sequence of poses, Gentle Vinyasa for a slower paced class suitable for beginners, Restorative Yoga for passive stretches designed to restore and renew both the inner body, outer body, and mind.

Restorative Reclined Cobblers Pose

Our fully-equipped Pilates studio offers private, semi-private sessions together with Group Reformer classes.  Using Pilates equipment provides resistance to your movements to elongate and strengthen muscles as well as improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Aerial  Yoga

Using a suspended hammock as your support system, Aerial Yoga allows you to go through unique combinations of poses designed to decompress the spine, align the body and stretch and strengthen your muscles.  A great way to therapeutically engage and deepen your understanding of ground based asanas.