As a courtesy to your teacher and fellow students, please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and prepare for class.  If you arrive late, please be mindful by waiting until the opening meditation or chant has finished before coming into the studio.

New StudentsPlease create an online account before coming to your first class to help us check in and start classes on time.

You can also purchase classes /gift cards and checkin online before coming to class by selecting the class from the schedule below.


Terms & Conditions

  • Prepaid classes and absence from classes are non-refundable.
  • Both Yoga and Reformer class packages are non refundable, non extendable, non sharable, and non transferable to other persons.  They are valid for 90 days, after which any unused classes will be lost.
  • If your package has expired and you attend class, either purchase another package (unused classes WILL NOT) be added) or purchase a drop-in class.
  • Always check your expiration date before and after your purchase.
  • If you attend classes and you have run out of classes, or your package has expired, you will be charged the $19 drop-in fee.  There are no exceptions to our terms and condition, so please be courteous to our teachers when they ask for payment.
  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for Group Reformer, Aerial and Private Yoga classes.  Full payment will be charged if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Group Reformer classes may be cancelled if less than 3 students book, in which case an email will be sent.

We offer Vinyasa style Yoga that connects movement and breath into a flowing sequence of poses, Gentle Vinyasa for a slower paced class suitable for beginners, Restorative Yoga for passive stretches designed to restore and renew both the inner body, outer body, and mind.

Restorative Reclined Cobblers Pose

Our fully-equipped Pilates studio offers private, semi-private sessions together with Group Reformer classes.  Using Pilates equipment provides resistance to your movements to elongate and strengthen muscles as well as improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Aerial  Yoga

Aerial Yoga allows you to go through unique combinations of poses designed to decompress the spine, align the body and stretch and strengthen your muscles.  A great way to therapeutically engage and deepen your practice.  Available as private or semi-private sessions.  Contact us for availability and costs.


Private Yoga

You can schedule a private yoga session either at the studio or other location such as your home, office, or even a park.  Whether you are new to yoga and want to learn the basics before taking a class, are an experienced yogi wishing to deepen your practice, or maybe just want to practice with a group of friends, our experienced teachers will help you meet your goals.

If you are interested in private yoga, please contact us.  One of our teachers will get back to you to discuss your requirements, timescales, style of yoga so that we can partner you with most appropriate teacher.